Welcome to Dashuri Photography

The story of how Dashuri Photography came to be!

When I first started thinking about rebranding my business, I really didn’t want to! Long ago, I had settled on my name being the focus of the title. But as time went on, I realized that I’m not the focus of this – Love is. So when I decided that I wanted to change my name, I wanted it to represent myself, my love of photography and the love I have and share with my clients. But I didn’t want just “Love Photography”. It had to be something that stood out to me and wasn’t plain, but also, not hard to recognize or pronounce.

I decided to go to Google Translate and literally went through, language by language, the translation of “Love”. It was quickly narrowed down to seven languages, then four, then three – Estonian (Armastus), Danish (Elsker) and Albanian (Dashuri). At this point, I was already leaning towards Dashuri, but I wanted to be sure! I essentially made a focus group of friends, family and basically anyone who would listen to me, asking their opinion and helping me weigh the pros and cons of each name. Dashuri was chosen by every person that I spoke to and I knew that it was the one!

So the question I hear after “What does Dashuri mean”, is now “how do you pronounce that properly?” and it’s easy: Dah-sure-ee.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me – I look forward to sharing it with you!

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